Retirement: Two weeks in

So this is what it looks like some days. You wake up, then you: Pester sources and news organizations about a freelance article on managing reputation risk stemming from unbridled use of artificial intelligence in scientific writing. Do the dishes from last night. Walk Red Dog Smith around Corn Lake. Answer a few emails from … Continue reading Retirement: Two weeks in

AI: Risky business for science

May 10 update: Science published an article on Tuesday about "alarmingly common" fake scientific papers. The risk to the scientific community's credibility is significant if tools like ChatGPT, Bard and others aren't used with the utmost care. Writer Naomi Klein explains much of what could go wrong in this May 8 article: AI machines aren’t … Continue reading AI: Risky business for science

Recycling at scale

This morning I took a quick look back at a website I worked on until a few days ago, wondering if the last article I wrote had been published yet. NCAR’s Yellowstone still running supercomputing jobs and training students It is one of my favorite articles, mostly because it took me back about 11 years … Continue reading Recycling at scale

Stay real: You don’t have to buy into AI “writing” hype

The hype about generative AI and its various and pseudo-AI imitators seems to reach new heights of ridiculous every day. Take a deep, deep breath. Predictions that every business will be using it in a few months or years are hyperbole or wishful thinking by some who want that future. If the promoters and enthusiasts … Continue reading Stay real: You don’t have to buy into AI “writing” hype