Corn Lake January

Scenes from a winter afternoon walk by the Colorado River with Red Dog Smith.

You haven’t met Red? He’s a smart, fine-lookin’ dog.

Haunted by Iowa

Two Iowa scenes that have haunted me since I photographed them in 2009. Sometimes I wonder if the structures are still there, but I really don’t want to know. I’m happy to remember them like they were on this February day. Both are © B.J. Smith


Am I a mere shadow of my former self…

Shadow of a man, wearing a hat with a brim, looking at his shadow on the dusty ground.

…or is this just what happens when you’re trying to use your cellphone on a sunny day and can’t really see what you’re doing because of the glare?

What did I really want to capture? This…

Woman in the foreground walking her dog. In the background, pine trees and aspens sporting gold/yellow leaves.

Note to self: Remember to take your real camera from now on.

A chasmic day off

Taking a Friday off to explore our new stomping grounds is always a good idea. Even better when the weather is fine.

Paonia was a few miles off the map-app-recommended route to the Black Canyon, but what the heck. We had a nice early lunch and came back later to taste some wines.

We had talked about checking out the north rim of Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park since visiting the south rim last year. You can see across the canyon, of course, but there’s nothing quite like being on the other side.

The trail we’d planned to hike to Exclamation Point was muddy enough from recent snowmelt that we decided to check out the Chasm View loop instead. The punctuation will surely still be there next time, and the loop was nearby and mostly dry.

As we’ve now seen first-hand, the view is awe-inspiring from both sides as you peer over the edge to see the river 2,000 and some feet below.

The chasmic view.

There is much more to explore and learn about out here away from the madding crowd.


Quail on the trail

They crossed the trail
in such a rush
the picture left
was just the brush.