Primitive art a short walk from home

Red Dog and I discovered some previously unseen primitive art at an undisclosed location somewhere between the mighty (for now) Colorado River and the Corn Lake section of James M. Robb State Park. In the first photograph, taken this morning, what appears to be the shadow of a dog's head is actually the shadow of … Continue reading Primitive art a short walk from home

Where’s our well-regulated militia?

Update June 8, 2023: California Governor Gavin Newsome proposes a new amendment to the U.S. Constitution to address the epidemic of gun violence while leaving the Second Amendment in place. Sign of a sick society. It's time to repeal "2A" Gun manufacturers, the National Rifle Association and others who oppose any and all regulation of … Continue reading Where’s our well-regulated militia?


A story from back then... One misbegotten, misplaced, erroneous apostrophe would not bother most people the way it bothered Harry Methwick. Most people would consider it an innocent mistake if they noticed it at all. Many wouldn’t even know it wasn’t right. To Harry, though, it leapt off the computer screen and poked him in … Continue reading Apos’trophe

A walk in Bangs Canyon

It's a colorful place this time of year and pretty quiet on a Wednesday morning...