End the tyranny of fear

Imagine living in constant fear of your children being shot to death at school or anywhere else. Among those complicit in deaths by gunfire, Colorado reps Boebert and Buck. Imagine having to wonder every day if other loved ones will be shot to death, or that you will be killed by someone with a gun. … Continue reading End the tyranny of fear

Growing on ‘the Slope’

New homes are going up fast around here, just a few miles west of the Grand Mesa. I'm hoping the transportation infrastructure continues to improve at least as quickly so we can pedal around this growing Western Slope community even more than we do already. Did you see that Grand Junction actually turned up on … Continue reading Growing on ‘the Slope’

Tweet, toot or something else?

My good old friend Chuck introduced me to Twitter in 2008. It seemed like something a writer should get familiar with, and it still does. Unlike some, I'm not planning to stop being either* @bjsmith or @BJSmithWords there any time soon. Hanging around that long has been good in a number of ways. Ditto for … Continue reading Tweet, toot or something else?

Remember who brought thugs to the Capitol: Trump, GOP, voters

The U.S. Capitol is no more or less holy a place than anything else constructed by human beings, yet I heard repeated references to it today as something sacred. The implication was that the Trumpist mob violating the space had committed an act of desecration by breaking and entering it, disrespecting the statues, and vandalizing … Continue reading Remember who brought thugs to the Capitol: Trump, GOP, voters