Where’s our well-regulated militia?

Update June 8, 2023: California Governor Gavin Newsome proposes a new amendment to the U.S. Constitution to address the epidemic of gun violence while leaving the Second Amendment in place. Sign of a sick society. It's time to repeal "2A" Gun manufacturers, the National Rifle Association and others who oppose any and all regulation of … Continue reading Where’s our well-regulated militia?

Keep your eyes on the road

Spending a couple of hours counting pedestrians and bicyclists who pass a certain point – say, for example, 1st and Gunnison in Grand Junction, Colorado – gives a guy a chance to reflect as long as he keeps an eye out for pedestrians and bicyclists. The cars, SUVs and big-ass pickup trucks that go by … Continue reading Keep your eyes on the road

Retirement: Two weeks in

So this is what it looks like some days. You wake up, then you: Pester sources and news organizations about a freelance article on managing reputation risk stemming from unbridled use of artificial intelligence in scientific writing. Do the dishes from last night. Walk Red Dog Smith around Corn Lake. Answer a few emails from … Continue reading Retirement: Two weeks in

Stay real: You don’t have to buy into AI “writing” hype

The hype about generative AI and its various and pseudo-AI imitators seems to reach new heights of ridiculous every day. Take a deep, deep breath. Predictions that every business will be using it in a few months or years are hyperbole or wishful thinking by some who want that future. If the promoters and enthusiasts … Continue reading Stay real: You don’t have to buy into AI “writing” hype