Fiction and nonfiction

Some crime fiction and other finished works. Much left to do…

Detective Red Shaw Novel #1

Read it on Kindle or Nook

dark with flawed, lost souls and bloody murder scenes

compelling, gut-wrenching” “a fast-paced thriller

A brutal crime in the Midwestern woods leads to a string of grisly murders that challenge the sleuthing skills of Detective Edward “Red” Shaw and ultimately put him in mortal danger.

The gruesome killings begin with a horribly mutilated victim, who is found with a crude crossword puzzle carved into his skin along with an ominous, bloody clue.

Detective Red Shaw Novel #2

Read it on Kindle or Nook

a really interesting experiment in genre – detective fiction meets the peloton, resulting in ‘bicycle noir’

Riveting thriller! Couldn’t put it down.

A cyclist turns up dead in a bicycle storage locker on a muggy August morning and Detective Red Shaw takes the heat.

Shaw has just outsmarted a murderous sociopath who almost killed him. Now he has another homicide to investigate—while he’s hobbled by a sore knee, distracted by a steamy new romance, and dodging accusations of coercing a confession in an old case.

Shaw and his partner probe the sometimes toxic, competitive world of amateur bicycle racing, where they find a web of cryptic social media messaging, stolen property, drug trafficking, and murder.

Miles to Go: An Alzheimer’s Journal

How dementia changed an Iowa woman named Rosemary and how her children conspired to move her to a place of safety and relative contentment.

Available as an e-book and paperback.

Reader comments:

…a little book that I could not put down once I started…

“Your journal has been an inspiration to me.”

“The way you expressed the heartbreak of dealing with all of this deeply moved me.”

“Thanks for baring this part of your soul to all of us!”

Don’t like buying online? Just ask me for a PDF any time using this simple form.

Award-winning corporate history

75 Years of Innovation documents the history of Rockwell Collins from its beginning as Collins Radio, through the Collins government and commercial divisions’ separation under Rockwell International, then through “The Spin” to independence and beyond.

After digging through archives and news reports and interviewing dozens of executives, employees and retirees, I wrote about the  most recent 25 years of the company’s history. WDG Publishing added that material to a previous volume written in the 1980s by Ken Braband.

Won: A Gold Medal in the 2011 Axiom Business Book Awards.

Nonfiction editing

The Six Things: Leading People to Outstanding Achievement, by Colorado leadership and motivation expert Jim McLaughlin.

Social media

Co-author, Age of Conversation 3: It’s Time to Get Busy! – a book of social media stories, ideas, strategies and observations published in May 2010.

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