Snowflakes fall to Earth
and melt like wicked witches.
Gone by noon again.

River tryna freeze

River tryna freeze.
Old hip talks to papa now.
Red Dog don’t notice.


Precious sun retreats,
leaving night the frozen stage.
Dawn! Our salvation.

Rough beast

Sometimes you just have to stop and take the pictures. This guy made me think what rough beast…?

He (it?) wasn’t slouching toward anything, just standing there along the trail at Barr Lake State Park in Colorado.

Beauty is more than bark deep.

Got my ballot

Got my ballot gonna mail it in

Or drop it off because I can

Because I’m free and it’s my right

And duty to put up a fight

When fools and bigots try to run

This, my country, with their guns

And lies and hate and broken laws

But truth and justice is our cause.