Toying with the “donation” block

Please humor me while I play with the WordPress block for accepting donations from website visitors.

If you happened to see a version of this test that I accidentally published a little while ago, I apologize for that unnecessary notification. (Not that this one is really necessary, but it seems to happen when we post something, right?)

While we’re here, if you’ve used the WP block or something similar yourself and found it worthwhile, I would appreciate hearing about it. Also while we’re here, I thought I’d share an image I put together with Inkscape just now and a new arrangement of words I published just the other day on my nearby Rhyme & verse page.




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River tryna freeze

River tryna freeze.
Old hip talks to papa now.
Red Dog don’t notice.


Precious sun retreats,
leaving night the frozen stage.
Dawn! Our salvation.

Did that tree make a sound?

Raise your hand if you believe a tree that falls in the forest makes noise even if no one hears it.

Now, raise your hand if you believe that writing a poem is worth the effort even if no one reads it.