About our names

AKA B.J. Let us suppose you like your first name, your "given" name. It's yours. You respond to it. You feel good when you hear it, except maybe when a parent says "Bernard Joseph Smith, you're going to be sorry...!" for whatever you just did. Even then you might not mind the tone so much if … Continue reading About our names

On flying or burning the flag

It is difficult to keep track of how many times newspersons, politicians and others have said indicting Donald Trump will tear this country apart. Somehow they don't understand, or they pretend they don't know, that the damage has already been done. We need to acknowledge that reality. Pixabay image If Trump and numerous accomplices in … Continue reading On flying or burning the flag

Dry Heat

A few lizards hotfooting across the pavement. Three solitary squirrels scurrying to their own shady spots. A butterfly, fluttering by. Those were among the few signs of life on the Colorado Riverfront Trail as I pedaled along on my lunch break today. It was not yet 95 degrees F, as it is now, and climbing, … Continue reading Dry Heat

Say no to racist theocracy

I've been thinking about what my mother and my sister Kathie would be doing at a time like this.  Rosemary would be doing everything she could to elect Democrats, from rallying voters in her precinct to driving candidates between campaign events to making phone calls and writing letters and whatever else she could.  Kathie would … Continue reading Say no to racist theocracy