Retirement: Two weeks in

So this is what it looks like some days. You wake up, then you: Pester sources and news organizations about a freelance article on managing reputation risk stemming from unbridled use of artificial intelligence in scientific writing. Do the dishes from last night. Walk Red Dog Smith around Corn Lake. Answer a few emails from … Continue reading Retirement: Two weeks in

Recycling at scale

This morning I took a quick look back at a website I worked on until a few days ago, wondering if the last article I wrote had been published yet. NCAR’s Yellowstone still running supercomputing jobs and training students It is one of my favorite articles, mostly because it took me back about 11 years … Continue reading Recycling at scale

“AI did it” is no excuse

Let us suppose you use an artificial-intelligence app to write something for you and you publish it. Later you find out it contained an error, or multiple mistakes, or worse. Maybe someone calls you out, somebody else wants to sue you for damages, or your employer fires you for incompetence. Don't blame AI. Image by … Continue reading “AI did it” is no excuse

Writing with impact: OHF

"Writing with intent – with a solid grasp of your purpose for writing and disseminating your work – inevitably improves the end result." I wrote that right here a few years ago with a purpose I hope is obvious: to help other writers identify and focus on and achieve their own goals, whether those might … Continue reading Writing with impact: OHF