What do I want for Father’s Day?

For as long as I’ve been at this business of being a father, you would think the question would get easier to answer. It’s tougher than it looks. It is tougher than ever.

My wife and children have already given me everything I need. They don’t stop.

What do I want?

What I want is the same as every other day.

jupiter_ganyA cure for cancer.

A cure for Alzheimer’s Disease.

An end to these dreadful politics.

Relief from my country’s addiction to guns and violence.

Love, not war.

I want Jupiter to align with Mars.

That’s all.


Keep his gun: Shooting the computer was just stupid

It’s hard to not laugh about the Colorado Springs man who shot his computer in an alley a few days ago, but let me apply the wet blanket.

Sure, computers can be frustrating. We joke about throwing them out a window, taking a baseball bat to them, even shooting them.

Browning 9mm
Wikimedia image

But actually taking one out to an alley in town and letting the bullets fly?

That’s one kind of guy who should not be allowed to own a firearm — one who proudly and openly demonstrated a dangerous lack of responsibility and good judgment, and says he has no regrets.

Don’t give the gun back.

P.S. To the headline writers and others who so gleefully wrote about the guy who “killed” the computer: Save that word for when actual lives are taken by such idiocy.

Too bad common sense is so rare when it comes to guns. “Utah gun law … an embarrassment” | http://po.st/KSdA0e via @deseretnews

Petition: Treat the children as refugees

Consider this, if you think of children being detained at our southern border as young refugees rather than criminals: Petition.

Here’s my take, from last week:

Are the children refugees or illegal immigrants?


Dept. of Fuzzy Thinking: Lethal injection “less safe”?

…opponents of the death penalty have made it less safe.

via Death penalty in America: How the push to abolish capital punishment has made lethal injection less safe.

For whom has the death penalty ever been safe? Certainly not for those we kill.

People who are opposed to the use of capital punishment aren’t responsible for the botching of executions that should not even be taking place.