It’s the guns

One mass murder after another, and so-called leaders spout the same old crap and pitiful excuses for their continuing failure to prevent gun violence. Anything short of banning the civilian ownership or use of weapons of war will be the result of cowardice, another failure to protect children and all of the rest of us. … Continue reading It’s the guns

The dead had unalienable rights

Every victim of deadly gun violence had the unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You can look it up. Share this self-evident truth with others.  

An open text from out there

We see you. You are what your Anglos call “humans.” We can tell by the way you move about and the noises that you make. You build machines that fly to nearby planets and machines that kill your own species. Your home teems with sustenance, yet many wither and die as other humans thrive. You … Continue reading An open text from out there

Dropping “America” before Election Day

Changing my name seemed like a good idea a few weeks ago. Following Budweiser’s lead when it rebranded as America, I tried to have a little fun emulating one of the dumber marketing gimmicks ever. I changed my Twitter name to B.J. America and my blog to “The America (formerly Smith) Compound.” My wife never … Continue reading Dropping “America” before Election Day