Got my ballot

Got my ballot gonna mail it in Or drop it off because I can Because I'm free and it's my right And duty to put up a fight When fools and bigots try to run This, my country, with their guns And lies and hate and broken laws But truth and justice is our cause.

Driving west

From the South Rim, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park Hope is packing upour privilege and masksand bicycles and hiking bootsand driving westto explore the future. It is trekking higher in thin air,trusting our hearts and lungs,daring to imagine a bright new chapterthat begins around the next bendin the dusty trail. Read more Raw … Continue reading Driving west

Words hover out of reach

Words hover out of reach like dragonflies on a hot summer day, fleeting glimpses in shimmer and haze. The mind drifts from passing thought to passing thought to yet another. Eyes see fear in clouded eyes and look away, witnessing their own future as a fading memory.