Keep your eyes on the road

Spending a couple of hours counting pedestrians and bicyclists who pass a certain point – say, for example, 1st and Gunnison in Grand Junction, Colorado – gives a guy a chance to reflect as long as he keeps an eye out for pedestrians and bicyclists. The cars, SUVs and big-ass pickup trucks that go by … Continue reading Keep your eyes on the road

Where to bicycle ’round here

Learning about a new place can be both fun and challenging, whether you've moved a long way from what used to be home or you're just visiting for the first time. One of the finest ways to do this is on a bicycle. Ernest Hemingway said so: It is by riding a bicycle that you … Continue reading Where to bicycle ’round here

Bicycling Dave is a thorn magnet

When the weather is nice, my neighbor likes to ride his bicycle several miles to a Safeway store for morning coffee and a doughnut. I can relate. Some of the best bike rides involve coffee and, for me, maybe a muffin or a scone since I try to avoid the glazed or chocolate delights I … Continue reading Bicycling Dave is a thorn magnet

The writing on the bus

Writing on the bus makes the commute go faster. Sometimes too fast. My morning commute to work is complicated, which to me is a good thing. It varies from bicycle-bus-shuttle to Jeep-bus-shuttle, to bike-shuttle, to pure bicycle. If my bicycle makes it to work with me, I almost always ride it the 18-20 miles home … Continue reading The writing on the bus