My tweet about #cycling was paranoia?

On the eve of Christmas Eve, yours truly took exception to some Twitter mini-screeds in which people who ride bicycles were slandered as paranoid #BikeZealot whiners who think every driver on the road is out to kill them. This was fun. Pixabay image I said, "Assuming that motorists are often careless, drunk or otherwise dangerous … Continue reading My tweet about #cycling was paranoia?

Guess who says there’s a war on cars

A person can almost always save some time by skipping to the end of a guest commentary in a newspaper, magazine or other publication to get an idea of who the guest is behind the commentary. Take Denver is waging a war on cars and drivers, as a recent example. The guest is identified as … Continue reading Guess who says there’s a war on cars

Yes, make things worse to discourage driving

Image by pixaoppa from Pixabay The Denver Post said in a Sunday morning editorial it is "thrilled" the city remains committed to improving and adding to safer infrastructure for cyclists. It spent the next several paragraphs with cautions, "questioning the wisdom" of plans for such improvements on Broadway, and saying the city shouldn't be "spineless … Continue reading Yes, make things worse to discourage driving

Thread: Why do you drive?

From @bjsmith on Twitter... ~~~~~ Ever wonder why you can't see the Flatirons when you know they're just a few miles away? If you drive when you could take a bus or train or ride a bicycle or walk, it's partly because of you.… The Denver Post @denverpostWhat’s polluting Colorado’s air? 125 million tons … Continue reading Thread: Why do you drive?