Climate scientist on AI: “We need critical thinking more than ever”

Little guidance on AI use in scientific writing As scientists become aware of the risks associated with using artificial intelligence (AI) tools to create reports, papers and other communications, they’re finding little guidance from leading research institutions. The risks include damage to individual reputations if AI isn’t used carefully and ethically, a loss of trust … Continue reading Climate scientist on AI: “We need critical thinking more than ever”

Recycling at scale

This morning I took a quick look back at a website I worked on until a few days ago, wondering if the last article I wrote had been published yet. NCAR’s Yellowstone still running supercomputing jobs and training students It is one of my favorite articles, mostly because it took me back about 11 years … Continue reading Recycling at scale

AI can’t write

The dirty lowdown* is that no app, AI or otherwise, can actually write anything. Image by Richard Duijnstee from Pixabay Despite the proliferation of things called "writing" tools, the truth is they can, at best, mimic actual writing by humans, plagiarize text written by humans, and even distort the work of humans then spit it out for consumption … Continue reading AI can’t write

Trust AI leaders? Nope

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Horse and buggy days are long, long gone, and humans have yet to adapt to driving motor vehicles without incurring tens of thousands of deaths each year. In the U.S., we are unable to shake our deadly addictions to fossil fuels and guns. As humans we routinely fail to … Continue reading Trust AI leaders? Nope