Me and My #Socks

When people hear you're getting close to retiring, they like to ask you what you plan to do. We're supposed to have a plan? I've been asked so many times that I started talking about my longtime dream of being a sock influencer, which is something I came up with a few months ago when … Continue reading Me and My #Socks

Law regulating children and social media?

Give me a break. When I read about the Utah law limiting social media use to certain hours of the day, and requiring parental consent, I couldn’t resist giving my adult children permission to use social media there just in case. One of them lives there and the other is a frequent visitor. UT lawmakers' … Continue reading Law regulating children and social media?

Burning down the…

Leaving the bird app behind after having some fun from 2008-2022. Pixabay image. The Smith Compound crew will celebrate on New Year's Eve* by torching not one but two Twitter accounts. You can find me/us here at the SC, of course, as well as on Mastodon, or fishing some lake or stream, or out and … Continue reading Burning down the…

Alter egos are us

We (my alter ego and I) thought we would give this share a Twitter link thing a try here on the blog and let y'all know we're there. We might even let WordPress automatically tweet this blog post about Twitter to both of our Twitter feeds at the same time and see what happens. Yeah, … Continue reading Alter egos are us