Horror in two sentences?

Checking on his long-neglected author profile, the writer could not let the question go unanswered: Can you tell us a two-sentence horror story? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Conrad woke to a pleasant whiff of sawdust and the buzz of a blade tearing through floorboards. He rolled out of bed in the darkness, straight into … Continue reading Horror in two sentences?

Making my day: Friday flash

It doesn't take much to make my day lately. Today, for example, I dropped my Colorado primary ballot in the box at the Boulder County Fairgrounds. That didn't make my day, but the act of voting did give me some satisfaction as the next step in sending Sen. Cory Gardner from Washington, D.C., back to … Continue reading Making my day: Friday flash

A private conversation

Keira looked at what he was typing even though she knew better. “It’s like eavesdropping on a private conversation,” he said, snapping the laptop lid shut. “A private conversation with yourself?” She smiled at him. He snorted. “I guess you could say that.” “I just did say that.” He snorted again and turned away. “I … Continue reading A private conversation

Words from a work in progress

This is an excerpt from a work in progress that I read aloud to a group of local writers a few nights ago. I'm not sure what to make of their reactions. The story is about a couple who have three daughters and then adopt an orphaned nephew, about how he was orphaned, and about … Continue reading Words from a work in progress