It’s the guns

One mass murder after another, and so-called leaders spout the same old crap and pitiful excuses for their continuing failure to prevent gun violence. Anything short of banning the civilian ownership or use of weapons of war will be the result of cowardice, another failure to protect children and all of the rest of us. … Continue reading It’s the guns

Writing with bad intent: Mongering fear

Inform, instruct, train, sell products, sway votes, incite a riot, make people laugh, get clicks. I used those all recently as examples of what a writer’s intent might be. A bit later I mentioned another example: Scare people so they will buy guns and ammunition. So what if you write with the intent of starting a … Continue reading Writing with bad intent: Mongering fear

The NRA: Going armed with intent?

On the off chance that you haven’t read my previous post, please take a couple of minutes to do that. At the end of it I said I’d share my thoughts on the intent of one of the videos linked to that post. My thoughts, as promised: The video, like a number of others from … Continue reading The NRA: Going armed with intent?