Scenes from Old Spanish Trail

Mrs. Smith took Red Dog and me for a walk on Friday afternoon. Here are some things we saw along the Gunnison River not far from home here in Colorado on a warm, sunny day. The snowy thing in the distance at the top is the Grand Mesa. Hike on, my friends. B.J.

Bald eagle at Golden Ponds

My LP had been telling me for weeks that a bald eagle was hanging out a short walk from home. Now I've seen it with my own eyes. Shot 5/25/2020 with my Nikon Coolpix S6800.

Silence of the Elms

Our power-mad HOA slaughtered several trees this week. I was home to hear the last of them fall to the fearsome teeth of the chainsaw. I heard the roar of the chipper shredding life itself into mulch. Now all is quiet.