NORTH OF GRAND: New Detective Red Shaw novel now on Amazon

A man turns up dead in a bicycle storage locker on a muggy August morning and Detective Red Shaw takes the heat.

bicycle-2462199-enhancedShaw has just outsmarted a murderous sociopath who almost killed him. Now he has another homicide to investigate—while he’s hobbled by a sore knee, distracted by a steamy new romance, and dodging accusations of coercing a confession in an old case.

Shaw and his partner probe the sometimes toxic, competitive world of amateur bicycle racing, where they find a web of cryptic social media messaging, stolen property, drug trafficking, and murder.

Get it now on Amazon!

If you somehow missed the first Red Shaw novel, called a “compelling, gut-wrenching thriller” by one reviewer, you can get that on Amazon, too: BLOOD SOLUTIONS.

Who killed my Tumblr last night?

It only makes sense to look at me as a prime suspect right from the start, I suppose. I certainly had the means and opportunity. But what about motive?

There was no life insurance, no jealousy, no bad blood as far as anyone knew. The little blog seemed harmless enough and certainly was no threat of any consequence to anyone.

Or was it?

I am not under oath and will not testify if it comes to that. Much goes on out of view of even the closest family and friends, so who’s to say the killing was not justified anyway?

It could have been me, or my nemesis, or some stray bit of mayhem and elemental chaos that struck at random because that is what it does. No one and nothing has come forward to claim responsibility.