The Book Hunt

It started with a tweet, the book hunt did. Ebooks are OK, but eventually a person gets the urge to feel the real thing, smell the ink and old paper, to riffle through pages like a deck of cards and listen to the slap-slap-slap, fast or slow or both, again and again. On a nicer … Continue reading The Book Hunt

What’s this about bicycle noir?

Someone asked me what this picture is about. A not-so-subtle clue to that little mystery is in the photo caption. From a customer review of North of Grand: A Detective Red Shaw Novel. It also has to do with writing what you know, something I'll be talking about November 16 at Inkberry Books in Niwot. … Continue reading What’s this about bicycle noir?

Red Shaw is at Beaverdale Books!

My Detective Red Shaw novels are at Beaverdale Books, 2629 Beaver Avenue, Des Moines.* (There were hints.) Tell Alice B.J. sent you. * Since not everyone lives in Des Moines, of course, the books are on Amazon, too.

Thrillers and “engrossing bicycle noir”

People who write for a living always look forward to finishing things and getting paid. If some of those finished things are works of fiction, some writers also anxiously wait to see what readers think. The insecure (that may be all of us) wonder: Will this be a dismal failure or will there be some good … Continue reading Thrillers and “engrossing bicycle noir”