Lowdown: We were surrounded

On a hot, sunny evening in the valley we sat on smelly folding lawn chairs we should have replaced years ago but I didn't know until just then that they were smelly, as if they'd been stored in a dark, dank basement for years. Now I know. To the east loomed a flat-top mountain, reaching … Continue reading Lowdown: We were surrounded

The past is downstairs

Bern pedaled at a constant cadence of 75 rpm in the lower level of the main Smith Compound residence. A video screen in front of him showed the scene from a camera making its way along a trail somewhere in a rain forest in Costa Rica. His background music faded to nothing, then into Jim … Continue reading The past is downstairs

Pedal on, my wayward son

The words to the song you're hearing in your head actually go like this: Pedal on, my wayward son, there'll be beer when you are done. Give your sweaty head some rest, then go ride some more. [Instrumental stuff you remember from the song in your head...] Ahhh, ahh... Once I rode away from noise … Continue reading Pedal on, my wayward son