Big dirty thing in Colorado

Since our almost-5-year-old granddaughter visited us not long ago, I've gotten more and more curious about what to call a rather prominent area landmark. Most of us know it as Mt. Garfield, which was named for the president who was assassinated back in the day. Farther back in the day? I don't know what it … Continue reading Big dirty thing in Colorado

New sense of place

The ancient mesa to the east is grand indeed. The cliffs and canyons to the west are monumental. Sandstone mountains to the north recall dusty memories of books on a shelf. The river behind us drops slowly toward a sea it will never reach. And we marvel at the fortune that brought us here. And … Continue reading New sense of place

Imagine there are mountains

Imagine a bull moose, shy and alone, just out of sight to the left, the east. There is no fog to the south, just pine-covered rock piles, gap-toothed hills blocking your view in the near distance beyond the meadows. More distant, through the gaps and barely visible, untold miles away in the sunshine, there are mountains.