Writing with bad intent: Mongering fear

Inform, instruct, train, sell products, sway votes, incite a riot, make people laugh, get clicks. I used those all recently as examples of what a writer’s intent might be. A bit later I mentioned another example: Scare people so they will buy guns and ammunition. So what if you write with the intent of starting a … Continue reading Writing with bad intent: Mongering fear

The NRA: Going armed with intent?

On the off chance that you haven’t read my previous post, please take a couple of minutes to do that. At the end of it I said I’d share my thoughts on the intent of one of the videos linked to that post. My thoughts, as promised: The video, like a number of others from … Continue reading The NRA: Going armed with intent?

Writing with intent: YouTube, NRA

The other day I wrote these words about writing with intent. The very next day I found a couple of vivid examples of that. In this one, from YouTube, the intent is crystal clear: Let's launch your video marketing campaign You know exactly what to expect, and you can decide if you want to watch … Continue reading Writing with intent: YouTube, NRA