Mrs. Smith: my SU, my LP, the LOMY

An article about weddings caught my eye this morning in the Denver Post. (I would link to it but it doesn't seem to be online yet.) That a story about weddings would catch my eye is unusual and I'm not sure why this one did. Maybe because we received a "save the date" note by … Continue reading Mrs. Smith: my SU, my LP, the LOMY

The New Desiderata (2003)

Pulled from the archives... With apologies to Max EhrmannDesideratum = something desired as essential. – Merriam-Webster Go noisily among the silent and apathetic and remember what virtue there may be in saying what you think. Suffer not the fools of the earth but be on good terms with all others. – Think carefully before you … Continue reading The New Desiderata (2003)

Humility is the word

I thought about my place in the world and in the universe during some quiet time this morning. My place is very small, as is yours. Humility is the word that comes to mind. It is good to remember that. Pixabay image

Expecting things to last forever

When I was a boy, I expected things to last forever. Then I learned that toys and families break, that friends move away and new friends are made, that loves and loved ones are lost and found. That joy and sorrow coexist and that nothing stays the same. Transient, too, are the wonders of the … Continue reading Expecting things to last forever