Dropping “America” before Election Day

Changing my name seemed like a good idea a few weeks ago. Following Budweiser’s lead when it rebranded as America, I tried to have a little fun emulating one of the dumber marketing gimmicks ever. I changed my Twitter name to B.J. America and my blog to “The America (formerly Smith) Compound.” My wife never … Continue reading Dropping “America” before Election Day

Friends don’t let friends #movetoCanada as #TrumpRefugees

This is my country, dammit, and I'm staying put either way. I won't even joke about leaving because some loud-mouth bully con artist might be elected president. Sure, even if we're dumb enough to elect him, hardly anybody will actually wimp out completely and move to Canada. Still, reassure the fraidycats that we're not gonna let it happen, then step up and … Continue reading Friends don’t let friends #movetoCanada as #TrumpRefugees

Whither American greatness?

We create magical devices — manufactured elsewhere — that sit in our palms and can tell us there is good pizza around the corner, but we can’t get our hands around a version of our future that unpacks the mysteries of the great beyond. via American Greatness 2.0 — Press Play — Medium.

Are the children refugees or illegal immigrants?

As a Republican Gang of Four complained that President Obama wouldn't visit our porous border with Mexico, they simultaneously accused him of "lawlessness"—get this, for enforcing a 2008 law that had overwhelming bipartisan support. To these callous conservatives, children in search of safety are "illegal immigrants" when in fact many of them arguably meet this dictionary definition* if not … Continue reading Are the children refugees or illegal immigrants?