Throwing journalists out of the White House is throwing the people out

It slaps all citizens in the face, whether they feel the sting yet or not.

What y’all owe me, and I owe you

You don’t read much poetry. That’s an assumption on my part, and I can’t say that I blame you. Poetry is for everybody but it can be hard to understand or appreciate, and it doesn’t always rhyme and what the hell is up with that? So this isn’t poetry, because I want you to read … Continue reading What y’all owe me, and I owe you

Contrastly, I couldn’t find it in a dictionary

Constrastly. That string of letters (I hesitate to use the word "word" here) turned up in this otherwise sort of interesting piece about sports "journalism" and the teaching thereof. I don't know much about this Bill Simmons guy except that there are a gazillion articles and blog posts about his departure from ESPN clogging up news … Continue reading Contrastly, I couldn’t find it in a dictionary

On accidents and executions

When is an accident a criminal act? When is an execution really brutal murder? Two shootings that Meredith Carroll mentions in the Denver Post on Sunday were, indeed, accidental by some definitions. A police officer accidentally shot his teen daughter in their garage; a woman in Florida accidentally shot her 7-year-old grandson. They were unfortunate events, to put … Continue reading On accidents and executions