End the tyranny of fear

Imagine living in constant fear of your children being shot to death at school or anywhere else. Among those complicit in deaths by gunfire, Colorado reps Boebert and Buck. Imagine having to wonder every day if other loved ones will be shot to death, or that you will be killed by someone with a gun. … Continue reading End the tyranny of fear

It’s the guns

One mass murder after another, and so-called leaders spout the same old crap and pitiful excuses for their continuing failure to prevent gun violence. Anything short of banning the civilian ownership or use of weapons of war will be the result of cowardice, another failure to protect children and all of the rest of us. … Continue reading It’s the guns

No pity for columnist pushing guns for Christmas

Gun-loving Denver Post columnist Jon Caldara thinks we need more gun owners. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay In his latest firearms-fetish marketing spiel, he tries to disguise his irrational fear of having all of his deadly weapons confiscated by demonizing those "cultural elites" and "bigoted urbanites" who don't share his paranoia. Then he decries … Continue reading No pity for columnist pushing guns for Christmas

‘Loaded gun in my purse? Silly me.’

Denver Post columnist Mario Nicolais writes here that officials made the right call by not pressing charges against Colorado State Rep. Lori Saine, who was caught carrying a concealed weapon through airport security. I'm not so sure. It was "an honest mistake," writes Nicolais, who says he carries, too, and easily forgets that he's doing … Continue reading ‘Loaded gun in my purse? Silly me.’