End the tyranny of fear

Imagine living in constant fear of your children being shot to death at school or anywhere else. Among those complicit in deaths by gunfire, Colorado reps Boebert and Buck. Imagine having to wonder every day if other loved ones will be shot to death, or that you will be killed by someone with a gun. … Continue reading End the tyranny of fear

Knives and hammers are irrelevant when the topic is death by gunfire

There would be sizzle, but those murders would still be irrelevant to guns.

The dead had unalienable rights

Every victim of deadly gun violence had the unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You can look it up. Share this self-evident truth with others.  

On accidents and executions

When is an accident a criminal act? When is an execution really brutal murder? Two shootings that Meredith Carroll mentions in the Denver Post on Sunday were, indeed, accidental by some definitions. A police officer accidentally shot his teen daughter in their garage; a woman in Florida accidentally shot her 7-year-old grandson. They were unfortunate events, to put … Continue reading On accidents and executions