Adore the flag? If only we were all adorable

William Tecumseh Sherman may have asked Coloradans to “love, cherish and adore the flag” in 1889, as Cecily N. Zander wrote here in the Denver Post, but asking us to do the same in 2017 seems a bit much. We love and cherish our families, redundant as that may be. People adore their deities. Others seek adoration for themselves.

Jnn13, US Flag Backlit, CC BY-SA 3.0

Adore the flag? I respect the flag as a symbol of our highest ideals, but despise that same flag when my fellow citizens brandish it like a weapon and spew hate for others while purporting to be patriots.

The flag represents all Americans, and I’m afraid we are not all adorable.

So you think you’re a patriot?

You say you love your country, that you are devoted to it. My dictionary says that’s patriotism, so maybe you are a patriot.
How do you demonstrate your love and devotion?

You fly the flag, at least on certain holidays?

You celebrate Independence Day, maybe with some sparklers for the kids?

You stand for the national anthem? Take off your hat? Place your hand over your heart? That’s cool if you really mean it. I do those things myself.

What else?

Maybe you’ve served in the military, or as an honest elected official, or you’re active somehow in bettering your local community. Those can be authentic ways to show your true colors, that you care about this big place.

How about this? Do you savagely criticize anyone who sits or kneels in protest at anthem time? Do you question their motives? Wish them harm?

That doesn’t make you a patriot. It doesn’t do anything for your country, but it’s your right. I readily acknowledge that it is your right even though I disapprove of how you choose to exercise it.

As much as I disapprove, I won’t suggest that you leave the country, or call for you to lose your job, or hope that you suffer some terrible misfortune. What I will do is suggest that you take stock of what it is that makes you think you are a patriot.

What have you really done for your country?

What are you are willing to do to prove your love and devotion?

The United States needs more from you than a willingness to stand with the crowd during the national anthem and a knee-jerk condemnation of those who protest.

What else will you do, my fellow American?


Huckabee proves he doesn’t understand freedom…

…while speaking at the Freedom Summit.

More freedom in North Korea than the United States?

There is hyperbole, and then there is just plain stupid.

Oligarchy: Our destiny or just a ditch in Colorado?

Oligarchy isn’t just an interesting name for a Colorado irrigation ditch and greenway.

According to this piece by Robert Reich, we are slouching toward oligarchy, and he doesn’t mean we’re going to get our feet wet.




Writer fired for column on gun regulation

Will Cruz, Jindal, Palin and other “Duck Dynasty” fans who stood up for Phil Robertson when they thought his right to free speech had been violated now stand up for Dick Metcalf?

It says here that he was fired from Guns and Ammo for angering some people.

Guess who he angered.

For the record, if there is one, nobody’s First Amendment rights were violated in either case. Ignorance of that shouldn’t stop Peterson’s defenders from opining now, though, should it?

Let’s see them vent their outrage again.

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