Law regulating children and social media?

Give me a break. When I read about the Utah law limiting social media use to certain hours of the day, and requiring parental consent, I couldn’t resist giving my adult children permission to use social media there just in case. One of them lives there and the other is a frequent visitor. UT lawmakers' … Continue reading Law regulating children and social media?

The age of reflection

As someone who just acknowledged* the passing of yet another year since my birth, I couldn't help but reflect a bit on how long I've been around. I suspect some think I'm kidding when they hear me say I'm surprised to be here. While I am happily surprised, I am serious nonetheless. I would never … Continue reading The age of reflection

Giving away a story of dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease

If you read to the bottom of my previous post, you might be surprised to learn that there is one book I am more than happy to just give to anyone who might find it useful. Miles to Go: An Alzheimer Journal is free for the next few days on Amazon. Beyond that, since the … Continue reading Giving away a story of dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease

Furious and done being polite

Most of you who are reading this don’t know me, but I want you to know I am furious that my daughter-in-law should be unwelcome or even feel unwelcome anywhere in this country. I’ll extend that to her wonderful sisters and parents, and to my new granddaughter, who is too young to know about any … Continue reading Furious and done being polite