Thread: Why do you drive?

From @bjsmith on Twitter... ~~~~~ Ever wonder why you can't see the Flatirons when you know they're just a few miles away? If you drive when you could take a bus or train or ride a bicycle or walk, it's partly because of you.… The Denver Post @denverpostWhat’s polluting Colorado’s air? 125 million tons … Continue reading Thread: Why do you drive?

Homo sapiens in nature

Nature doesn't exist apart from us, and we do not live apart from nature. It surrounds us, permeates us. We are in it, and of it. We are no less a part of nature than chattering wrens and howling wolves, flitting butterflies and buzzing bees, mountain forests and lakes and raging rivers and meadows alive with … Continue reading Homo sapiens in nature

NYT headline won’t help defog climate ‘debate’

The evidence is overwhelming: Levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are rising. That quote is from a compelling story with an unfortunate headline that will inspire legions of readers to shrug it off and go read something that sounds new instead: Scientists Sound Alarm on Climate - I said pretty much the same thing—Haven't … Continue reading NYT headline won’t help defog climate ‘debate’