What exactly are the facts on Common Core?

…whether you agree with Common Core or not, the debate should start with and rely on facts – not politicized fiction.

via Facts, not fiction, on Common Core | CharlotteObserver.com.

Can someone point me to the core facts of the Common Core?

I really want to know if someone can cut through the clutter.

Thank you for piquing my interest, Nora.

Does good writing matter? And what about reading?

Patty Limerick asks Colorado employers in today’s Denver Post if good writing matters. I certainly hope so, not just as a writer and editor, but as a reader who wishes more good editors were gainfully employed cleaning up the bad stuff.

If you respond to Ms. Limerick as she asks at the end of her column, please cc me if you don’t mind. I’d like to know the answer, too.

When you’re done with that, read John Young’s piece about Colorado’s new approach to standards for language arts and math. He provokes some thought about what sort of reading is important.

Coincidentally, both of the columns linked above are well written.