Where is Detective Red Shaw?

B.J. Smith photo Great question. He's been on Amazon for a while, but now you can find the fictional Des Moines cop here, too: Barnes&Noble for Nook readers. Smashwords in multiple ebook formats. Beaverdale Books, right there in his hometown. If the sun is shining, he'll be wearing his favorite Panama hat, so keep an … Continue reading Where is Detective Red Shaw?

Puzzles, pencils and book excerpts

Crossword puzzles used to consume much of my time, especially on Sunday mornings when the tough ones show up in The Denver Post. I did them in pen, no erasing. They sometimes ended in inky messes, where my mistakes were easy to see, but no one ever looked. On occasion, they were perfect. Photo by … Continue reading Puzzles, pencils and book excerpts

Thrillers and “engrossing bicycle noir”

People who write for a living always look forward to finishing things and getting paid. If some of those finished things are works of fiction, some writers also anxiously wait to see what readers think. The insecure (that may be all of us) wonder: Will this be a dismal failure or will there be some good … Continue reading Thrillers and “engrossing bicycle noir”

NORTH OF GRAND: New Detective Red Shaw novel now on Amazon

A man turns up dead in a bicycle storage locker on a muggy August morning and Detective Red Shaw takes the heat. Shaw has just outsmarted a murderous sociopath who almost killed him. Now he has another homicide to investigate—while he's hobbled by a sore knee, distracted by a steamy new romance, and dodging accusations … Continue reading NORTH OF GRAND: New Detective Red Shaw novel now on Amazon