Primitive art a short walk from home

Red Dog and I discovered some previously unseen primitive art at an undisclosed location somewhere between the mighty (for now) Colorado River and the Corn Lake section of James M. Robb State Park. In the first photograph, taken this morning, what appears to be the shadow of a dog's head is actually the shadow of … Continue reading Primitive art a short walk from home

Dogs and writing

A few days ago I ran across the following sentence and felt compelled to respond: “Writing is something you do, not something you are.” It was among a good number of well-written sentences that added up to some good advice, but it stood out, and not just because it’s a bit awkward. It came to … Continue reading Dogs and writing

Red’s a smart, fine-lookin’ dog

A few days ago my funny, clever, multitalented daughter asked if Red Dog had come up with any questions lately. I had to think for a minute; he hadn't. Somewhat later – just today, actually – I realized why that was. Red and I haven't had much trail time lately, just the two of us. … Continue reading Red’s a smart, fine-lookin’ dog

Red Dog asks: What’s a horse?

Red Dog Smith lives with Mrs. Smith and me near a state park in Colorado, a short walk from the Colorado River and a recreational trail that runs alongside it. Curious as a young child, he asks a lot of questions, at least when just the two of us are out for a walk. He … Continue reading Red Dog asks: What’s a horse?