Climate scientist on AI: “We need critical thinking more than ever”

Little guidance on AI use in scientific writing As scientists become aware of the risks associated with using artificial intelligence (AI) tools to create reports, papers and other communications, they’re finding little guidance from leading research institutions. The risks include damage to individual reputations if AI isn’t used carefully and ethically, a loss of trust … Continue reading Climate scientist on AI: “We need critical thinking more than ever”

Beer night in Pandemia

Good to see friends at a table in the covered beer garden on a cool October evening as sky darkens earlyfrom the smoke of not-so-distant wildfires. The acrid, burnt-forest ambience thickens and ash begins to decorate the smart devicethat sits next to my pint of craft lager, telling us it's time to put on our … Continue reading Beer night in Pandemia

Yes, make things worse to discourage driving

Image by pixaoppa from Pixabay The Denver Post said in a Sunday morning editorial it is "thrilled" the city remains committed to improving and adding to safer infrastructure for cyclists. It spent the next several paragraphs with cautions, "questioning the wisdom" of plans for such improvements on Broadway, and saying the city shouldn't be "spineless … Continue reading Yes, make things worse to discourage driving

Thread: Why do you drive?

From @bjsmith on Twitter... ~~~~~ Ever wonder why you can't see the Flatirons when you know they're just a few miles away? If you drive when you could take a bus or train or ride a bicycle or walk, it's partly because of you. denverpost.com/2020/01/17/den… The Denver Post @denverpostWhat’s polluting Colorado’s air? 125 million tons … Continue reading Thread: Why do you drive?