“Republicans are better off saying what they actually think.”

When I read that line just now in E.J. Dionne's column about conservatives' repackaging, I couldn't help but think that we are all better off when candidates of all stripes say what they actually think. To hell with packaging. Read more: Dionne: It's hard to find evidence of conservatives' repackaging - The Denver Post

Branding: Is an otter cuter than a muskrat?

Starting a business? Think long and hard about what to call it. Would Apple be the world's most valuable brand with a name like Pomegranate? Would Google be No. 2 if the founders had misspelled the name of some other big number? Not likely. What about a smaller but fast-growing business like OtterBox, the Colorado … Continue reading Branding: Is an otter cuter than a muskrat?