Alter egos are us

We (my alter ego and I) thought we would give this share a Twitter link thing a try here on the blog and let y’all know we’re there.

We might even let WordPress automatically tweet this blog post about Twitter to both of our Twitter feeds at the same time and see what happens. Yeah, let’s go with that.

Write on.


Expert: Make it “About me”

Some blogging expert said it’s a good idea to have an “About me” page even if you call it something else, so now I have one.

Here it is.

It’s all about me.

Accidental trip to that time in-between

Speaking of being preserved on the internet (or writing about it as I was on Friday), I stumbled across my old blog, puncture proof, this morning.

It had something to do with bicycle tires and opinions about various stuff.

The last thing I posted there still pointed to a Tumblr blog that I no longer have, so of course I felt compelled to update it to point to the one you’re reading now. This other page caught my eye and took me even farther back in time and memory and I found myself obligated to fix a mistake I made there, too.

I’m supposed to be writing something else at the moment, so I won’t dwell on this for long, but seeing myself in that in-between state left me feeling pretty good about where my wife and I are now. Both of us have had two feet and all of our bicycles in Colorado for quite a while now.

Some other pieces of us, however, are still back in Iowa and probably always will be.


Editing is hard; blog post about writing provides proof

Painting The Writing Master by Thomas Eakins
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This provocative headline for a blog post caught my eye when I saw it tweeted yesterday:

Writing is Easy; Editing is Hard

Knowing that writing is not easy at all, I was hooked, so the headline served its purpose.

Problem: The blogger didn’t really mean writing is easy. Typing a bunch of words on a page is easy, he explained.

Typing a bunch of words on a page, however, isn’t writing.

Taking care while crafting your words is what distinguishes a blogger from a mere muser, he said.

That’s not really accurate, either. Many bloggers don’t take much care when putting words into sentence form (while good writers do), and there are many musers out there who write very well.

The blogger – notice I didn’t use the word “writer” there – made some good points about providing readers with valuable content.

One key thing he didn’t do? He never did explain what makes editing hard, proving his point in the process.

Any blog post can be improved by a good editor, as that one could have been.

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