Trust AI leaders? Nope

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Horse and buggy days are long, long gone, and humans have yet to adapt to driving motor vehicles without incurring tens of thousands of deaths each year. In the U.S., we are unable to shake our deadly addictions to fossil fuels and guns. As humans we routinely fail to … Continue reading Trust AI leaders? Nope

AI disappoints me

If you're going to use AI to comment on something, the least you can do is make it interesting instead of repeating a few phrases and embarrassing yourself. A commenter's comments. 😞 The sort of tricky question I posed in a blog post yesterday isn't that difficult for a human whose vision is not impaired: … Continue reading AI disappoints me

“AI did it” is no excuse

Let us suppose you use an artificial-intelligence app to write something for you and you publish it. Later you find out it contained an error, or multiple mistakes, or worse. Maybe someone calls you out, somebody else wants to sue you for damages, or your employer fires you for incompetence. Don't blame AI. Image by … Continue reading “AI did it” is no excuse

On AI for “writing”

Caution: Widespread use of AI for "writing" will increase the already massive amounts of crappy prose and other unedited, inaccurate, misleading and/or deliberately falsified information available to all of us. ChatGPT May Be the Fastest Growing App in History Gizmodo It will also make critical reading skills more important than ever. Teach your children well, … Continue reading On AI for “writing”