Trust AI leaders? Nope

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Horse and buggy days are long, long gone, and humans have yet to adapt to driving motor vehicles without incurring tens of thousands of deaths each year. In the U.S., we are unable to shake our deadly addictions to fossil fuels and guns. As humans we routinely fail to … Continue reading Trust AI leaders? Nope

Scenes from Old Spanish Trail

Mrs. Smith took Red Dog and me for a walk on Friday afternoon. Here are some things we saw along the Gunnison River not far from home here in Colorado on a warm, sunny day. The snowy thing in the distance at the top is the Grand Mesa. Hike on, my friends. B.J.

Crime novels in the library

Big day for this writer! Crime fiction fans can now check out my Detective Red Shaw novels at our library in Grand Junction, Colorado. Blood SolutionsNorth of Grand If they're not in your library, you can order the ebooks or paperbacks. Get the details! Read on my friends. B.J.

End the tyranny of fear

Imagine living in constant fear of your children being shot to death at school or anywhere else. Among those complicit in deaths by gunfire, Colorado reps Boebert and Buck. Imagine having to wonder every day if other loved ones will be shot to death, or that you will be killed by someone with a gun. … Continue reading End the tyranny of fear