Edits and rewrites

Writing with a clear understanding of purpose – writing with intent – is critical to getting results. This is true in business writing, copywriting, journalism, blogging and any other realm. Writing with clarity is equally important.


TSC specializes in refining written communications through meticulous editing and rewriting to help clients reach their goals. Once you have a rough draft of a news release, article, blog post or other document, let us know how soon you need it edited and we will let you know if we can meet that deadline.

Fee: $75 per 1,000 words

If your intent isn’t clear, we’ll ask you about it. You are responsible for the accuracy of the information.

One free rewrite every week

Let’s say your nonprofit* has an important message to convey, but you aren’t sure you have the right words in the most effective order. What do you do?

Be the first person of the week to submit a news release, blog post, or other business communication (1,000-word maximum) for a free rewrite. You’ll get it back within 48 hours** all sanded smooth, refinished and polished.

Limit one free rewrite per month per nonprofit.

* If you don’t qualify as a nonprofit or if you need more than a free rewrite, just ask about rates for writing and editing services. I will be publishing more on that topic soon.

** If we’re on an extended bicycle ride, hike or other adventure that will prevent a 48-hour response, we will let you know up front.

3 thoughts on “Edits and rewrites

  1. When you try to get your message out your recipient likely works fifty hours per week. You compete with their business, family pressures and multiple demands for time. You’re competing with hundreds of emails, articles and competitors trying to get their message out. You would be silly not to use the Prose Doctor. I do and I can tell you he makes everything I write significantly better. I turned to him to help me edit my book, “The Six Things: Leading People to Outstanding Achievement.” He did a phenomenal job. He’s an experienced journalist who understands business and marketing. You tell him what you want to accomplish and he gets you there.


  2. I’ve got to tell you… Dr. Prose EXCELLED. Maybe you’ve wondered what a professional writer might add to your writing efforts. Dr. Prose provides the opportunity, here, to show you. Take him up on his offer.


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