Trust AI leaders? Nope

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Horse and buggy days are long, long gone, and humans have yet to adapt to driving motor vehicles without incurring tens of thousands of deaths each year. In the U.S., we are unable to shake our deadly addictions to fossil fuels and guns. As humans we routinely fail to … Continue reading Trust AI leaders? Nope

Paint the sunrise

Wake up and look out the window. Orange leaves flutter on the branches of a doomed ash tree in the foreground. Rising sun casts the same autumn color on clouds that float far off and high in the western sky. The foothills and distant, jagged peaks are golden wheat from the plains. If only one could paint that … Continue reading Paint the sunrise

What do I want for Father’s Day?

For as long as I’ve been at this business of being a father, you would think the question would get easier to answer. It’s tougher than it looks. It is tougher than ever. My wife and children have already given me everything I need. They don't stop. What do I want? What I want is the same as every … Continue reading What do I want for Father’s Day?