Fact: Cycling Makes You Happier

…there’s nothing like cycling to chase the blues away

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Why are we so careless about driving safely?

Good question…

“…why are some societies—for example, ours—so careless and lacking in conscience about driving safely?”

It’s not about scofflaws on bicycles. Read on, at Sign of the Times | Road Rights | Bicycling.com.

What’s the penalty for killing a cyclist?

I hate the headline on the piece from which this is quoted, so I’m not using it here. When you see it below, you’ll see that the obvious answer is no.

What’s the penalty? Too often, there is none.

What follows here is the best advice I’ve seen on the subject in some time:

Every time you get on a bike, from this moment forward, obey the letter of the law in every traffic exchange everywhere to help drivers (and police officers) view cyclists as predictable users of the road who deserve respect. And every time you get behind the wheel, remember that even the slightest inattention can maim or kill a human being enjoying a legitimate form of transportation.

via Is It O.K. to Kill Cyclists? – NYTimes.com.

There’s Another Way | Road Rights | Bicycling.com

“I didn’t see the cyclist” is the negligent driver’s universal get-out-of-jail free card. It shouldn’t be.

via Theres Another Way | Road Rights | Bicycling.com.

Boulder candidate on preferred modes of transportation

Boulder City Council candidate Mary Young has a great attitude:

“I hate to call walking and biking and riding the bus alternative modes because to me, they’re my preferred mode, and the car is the alternative mode,” she said. “When more people start seeing the car as the alternative mode, we’ll be getting somewhere.”

Pedal on.