Keep your eyes on the road

Spending a couple of hours counting pedestrians and bicyclists who pass a certain point – say, for example, 1st and Gunnison in Grand Junction, Colorado – gives a guy a chance to reflect as long as he keeps an eye out for pedestrians and bicyclists. The cars, SUVs and big-ass pickup trucks that go by … Continue reading Keep your eyes on the road

Where to bicycle ’round here

Learning about a new place can be both fun and challenging, whether you've moved a long way from what used to be home or you're just visiting for the first time. One of the finest ways to do this is on a bicycle. Ernest Hemingway said so: It is by riding a bicycle that you … Continue reading Where to bicycle ’round here

Growing on ‘the Slope’

New homes are going up fast around here, just a few miles west of the Grand Mesa. I'm hoping the transportation infrastructure continues to improve at least as quickly so we can pedal around this growing Western Slope community even more than we do already. Did you see that Grand Junction actually turned up on … Continue reading Growing on ‘the Slope’

My tweet about #cycling was paranoia?

On the eve of Christmas Eve, yours truly took exception to some Twitter mini-screeds in which people who ride bicycles were slandered as paranoid #BikeZealot whiners who think every driver on the road is out to kill them. This was fun. Pixabay image I said, "Assuming that motorists are often careless, drunk or otherwise dangerous … Continue reading My tweet about #cycling was paranoia?