Snowflakes fall to Earthand melt like wicked witches.Gone by noon again.

Red Dog asks: What’s a horse?

Red Dog Smith lives with Mrs. Smith and me near a state park in Colorado, a short walk from the Colorado River and a recreational trail that runs alongside it. Curious as a young child, he asks a lot of questions, at least when just the two of us are out for a walk. He … Continue reading Red Dog asks: What’s a horse?

A chasmic day off

Taking a Friday off to explore our new stomping grounds is always a good idea. Even better when the weather is fine. Paonia was a few miles off the map-app-recommended route to the Black Canyon, but what the heck. We had a nice early lunch and came back later to taste some wines. We had … Continue reading A chasmic day off

Quail on the trail

They crossed the trailin such a rushthe picture leftwas just the brush.