Recycling at scale

This morning I took a quick look back at a website I worked on until a few days ago, wondering if the last article I wrote had been published yet. NCAR’s Yellowstone still running supercomputing jobs and training students It is one of my favorite articles, mostly because it took me back about 11 years … Continue reading Recycling at scale

Life is too short for FAQs

If I've ever found the answer to one of my questions by sifting through an FAQ, such an event was so rare that I no longer look at FAQs. There may be a few useful ones here and there, but I don't waste my time hunting for them. Life is too short. As a person … Continue reading Life is too short for FAQs

Nobody “falls off” a bicycle

Enough of this nonsense about Joe Biden falling off a bicycle. Nobody falls off a bicycle unless said bicycle was stationary and remained upright after the person who was on top of it somehow ended up on the ground or pavement or garage floor or wherever the bicycle remains stationary. If a bicycle is moving … Continue reading Nobody “falls off” a bicycle

Advice for writers: Don’t call yourselves something else

A documentarian is someone who makes documentaries, right? That's what I've always thought and my favorite dictionary agrees with me, which makes it an excellent dictionary. Some time ago, however, I came across a group for writers called Write the Docs – a "global community of people who care about documentation." Just a suggestion... The people call themselves documentarians. I get … Continue reading Advice for writers: Don’t call yourselves something else