Setting free the books

Suppose you could keep just one of these books. Which one would it be? I know, it's not a reasonable question. Why can't I keep more than one? Why can't I keep all of them? Because I'm the one who got to ask the question, that's why. 🙂 It's a question I asked myself on … Continue reading Setting free the books

Reading on camera

One of my favorite places is a pleasant bike ride* from home. It's a place called Inkberry Books, a little shop in Niwot, Colorado, that supports local authors and other independent writers and artists. You can't go there right now, but you and other readers can support this indie book seller by ordering online. Some … Continue reading Reading on camera

Read a book – free on me!

I'm like a lot of people who have some extra time on their hands these days. Instead of taking the bus to work and back, I walk downstairs to work remotely and walk back up later. With all that commute time saved, I've been poking around and moping around here at The Smith Compound. Today … Continue reading Read a book – free on me!

The Book Hunt

It started with a tweet, the book hunt did. Ebooks are OK, but eventually a person gets the urge to feel the real thing, smell the ink and old paper, to riffle through pages like a deck of cards and listen to the slap-slap-slap, fast or slow or both, again and again. On a nicer … Continue reading The Book Hunt