Recycling at scale

This morning I took a quick look back at a website I worked on until a few days ago, wondering if the last article I wrote had been published yet. NCAR’s Yellowstone still running supercomputing jobs and training students It is one of my favorite articles, mostly because it took me back about 11 years … Continue reading Recycling at scale

Stay real: You don’t have to buy into AI “writing” hype

The hype about generative AI and its various and pseudo-AI imitators seems to reach new heights of ridiculous every day. Take a deep, deep breath. Predictions that every business will be using it in a few months or years are hyperbole or wishful thinking by some who want that future. If the promoters and enthusiasts … Continue reading Stay real: You don’t have to buy into AI “writing” hype

Me and My #Socks

When people hear you're getting close to retiring, they like to ask you what you plan to do. We're supposed to have a plan? I've been asked so many times that I started talking about my longtime dream of being a sock influencer, which is something I came up with a few months ago when … Continue reading Me and My #Socks

AI can’t write

The dirty lowdown* is that no app, AI or otherwise, can actually write anything. Image by Richard Duijnstee from Pixabay Despite the proliferation of things called "writing" tools, the truth is they can, at best, mimic actual writing by humans, plagiarize text written by humans, and even distort the work of humans then spit it out for consumption … Continue reading AI can’t write