Retirement: Two weeks in

closeup of computer keyboard keys

So this is what it looks like some days. You wake up, then you:

  1. Pester sources and news organizations about a freelance article on managing reputation risk stemming from unbridled use of artificial intelligence in scientific writing.
  2. Do the dishes from last night.
  3. Walk Red Dog Smith around Corn Lake.
  4. Answer a few emails from sources saying “huh?” and “let me look into that.”
  5. Ride a bicycle 10-ish miles to a conveniently located brewery in a nearby town and have one of the best imperial red ales in the state and maybe the entire country.
  6. Ride 10-ish miles home with a tailwind.
  7. Gather your thoughts, write stuff down, and get ready for dinner.

Piece of cake.

Some days you go fishing instead. Soon you get back to writing fiction, with a potential plot hatched earlier in the day.

Take it easy, my friends.


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